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This is a free download of a relaxation procedure specifically designed for hurricane survivors.  Due to technical difficulties of getting it on the net in a downloadable format it has taken some time brining you this page.  This is a free service for all those affected by Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita last year (and frankly any similar natural event).  Hopefully this is still helpful to those who are affected by anxiety and fears as the anniversary passes and you hear of hurricanes headed your way. 

Dr. McCoy, served Katrina survivors for 2 weeks with the American Red Cross and the American Psychological Association collaborative effort.  He lived through Rita with a small number in a shelter in Harrison County, Mississippi.  He wished he could have helped more, and hopes that many find this a helpful part of their recovery from such devastation.  He sincerely hopes that you obtain God’s richest blessings with this and or in other ways as you recover from this event.

Copyright Notice (copyright 2006):  Selling this is illegal.  Any use or reproduction of this material except for personal individual use is a violation of copyright law.  You may copy it to CD for personal use or to give away.  If you ask for anything more than the actual cost to you of the CD and make any profit off of use of this material you are in violation of copyright law.  Dr. McCoy’s voice is a personal asset of his and is protected by copyright law and cannot be used without his expressed written consent in other productions in part or in full.  Any exceptions made by law do not invalidate the rest of the protection allowed by copyright law. 

Last Updated September 2, 2008