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Humor Is A Powerful Emotional Medicine 
Humor is a powerful emotional medicine that can lower stress, dissolve anger and unite families in troubled times. Mood is elevated by striving to find humor in difficult and frustrating situations. Laughing at ourselves and the situation helps reveal that small things are not the earth-shaking events they sometimes seem to be. Looking at a problem from a different perspective can make it seem less formidable and provide opportunities for greater objectivity and insight. Humor also helps us avoid loneliness by connecting with others who are attracted to genuine cheerfulness. And the good feeling that we get when we laugh can remain with us as an internal experience even after the laughter subsides.

The Doctor says "You'll live to be 60!" "I AM 60!" "See, what did I tell you?" - Henny Youngman

Mental health professionals point out that humor can also teach perspective by helping patients to see reality rather than the distortion that supports their distress. Humor shifts the ways in which we think, and distress is greatly associated with the way we think. It is not situations that generate our stress, it is the meaning we place on the situations. Humor adjusts the meaning of an event so that it is not so overwhelming.

Here are some additional things we can do to improve our mood, enjoyment of life and mental health.

* Attempt to laugh at situations rather than bemoan them this helps improve our disposition and the disposition of those around us.

* Use cathartic laughter to release pent-up feelings of anger and frustration in socially acceptable ways.

* Laugh as a means of reducing tension because laughter is often followed by a state of relaxation.

* Lower anxiety by visualizing a humorous situation to replace the view of an anxiety-producing situation.

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Factors That Lead To Heart Disease 
Did you know that being CYNICAL/ANGRY/NEGATIVE can lead to heart disease? A recent study shows that those in their 20's and 30's who are viewed by others with these characteristics have a great deal more fatty deposits in their HEART than do those who are not viewed this way. So it's likely that changing your point of view can have profound effects on your life. Start telling jokes, look at others= points of view, laugh, make someone else laugh, help someone while you smile, pray, attend church, ask other's for help, read the comics more and the obituaries and opinion section less, wear bright colors, chase frogs through your sprinklers, change one routine in your life. If after 30 days you are still having a hard time with being negative and cynical consider seeing a psychologist, it could make all the difference to your HEART.

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