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Mental Health Coalition
Of The Rio Grande Valley
THURSDAY, September 22nd, 2011

6pm at Tropical Texas, 2nd Floor

Barriers to Mental Health Treatment in the Latino-American Family

Dr. Iran Barrera, PhD, LCSW
Assistant Professor, UTPA Department of Social Work

Please come and provide your input:
a) for next year's public mental health conference
b) to learn about our key project
c) to Join our Organization

Sponsored by:
Mental Health Coalition
of the Rio Grande Valley
No cost, no obligation, just free information and networking.

We want any organization to come that has something to contribute to the concerns listed above. This includes but is not limited to Law Enforcement , Hospitals , Ambulance Services , Day Cares , Therapists , Community Centers , Arts Programs , Recreation Directors , Service Directors , IT experts , Social Service Directors , Faith-based programs, GRANT WRITERS, healthcare providers, educators , family members, healthcare consumers , and Legislators !.


The Mental Health Coalition Of The Rio Grande Valley is a newly formed organization that has the support of the local mental health authority, private mental health services, law enforcement, the courts, local politicians, the public defenderís office, local Justice of the Peace, consumers of mental health services, local providers, family members of those afflicted with mental health problems, local advocacy groups and many more. The aim of this group is to make a significant difference in some of the biggest problems we face as a community including local clinical services for those with mental health needs, including transportation and legal issues. We are a 501©3 organization able to handle non-profit initiatives and receive tax-deductible gifts. Our Mailing Address is:
Mental Health Coalition of the RGV, 5111 N. 10th St.
#336, McAllen, TX 78504

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Valley Vets get a new resource in website that informs them of their local, state, and national resources. Please check it out!

RGV Veterans Website!

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Mental Health Patients Turn More to Each Other 
Check out this link. It may be obvious to some but not to all that this is an effective part of any recovery/resiliency plan!


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This new resource to help those with disabilities (all kinds) and their caregivers needs a 2-3 hour respite, is at Love of Christ Lutheran in Weslaco. The next meeting will be March 2 from 7PM on.

You can contact Toni Young at the number below:

Love of Christ Lutheran ChurchAddress:‎
300 South Border Avenue
Weslaco, TX 78596-5812

(956) 447-1337
On the WEB at: loveofchrist.net

Directions as follows:

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Autism Treatment: Science Hijacked to Support Alternative Therapies 
Check out these links to the same article and decide on your own. The key here is to focus on what has valid support or you could harm your child. What is agreed on for the time being is that frequent speech, occupational, social skills training, social interaction in various therapies that use these techniques help children with autism make progress. Engaging with a child with autism in 20-25 hours a week of therapy that demands specific social and verbal responses from the child seems to produce the best results for the time being (see "summary" link). The problems with the "protocols" used in the approaches in this study is they do not account for the fact that it requires a great deal of time in which a child with autism is interacting with another family member and or treatment team member. That engagement, something, that those with autism often avoid, has its own positive effects that have been scientifically supported. ( Summary and link to research )
The article which spawned this post can be found at the following two places:
PsychPort link
Chicago Tribune link

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