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Mental Exercise Good For ADHD, Alheimer's, Brain Injury, Learning Disorders 
In this day of financial uncertainty and need for a mental edge in order to pay the bills, consider 10 minutes a day of challenging your brain. This is good for all whether you have a type of brain related problem or you are wanting to stave off normal memory loss. If you can help someone who is literally losing their mind (see link:ALZ Article ), then it stands to reason that it should be good for you. But don't just take my word for it! Give it a try! Here are some free sites that I recommend:

Digit Span Game (track results/like pricey BrainBuilder below, but free)

NEW!: Luminosity, Personalized Brain Games

NEW!!: Brain Gym, Personalized

Third Age Games

Tips from Alzheimer's Association

Free Mental Games1

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