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As many may be fearing the approach of new storms or dealing with the aftermath of the ones we've had so far know that there is much help available. First, make sure you are out of harms way and prepared far in advance of the arival of any severe weather. Once that is taken care of you may have some concerns about your anxiety. The links here may be helpful as you copy with physical preparedness and dealing with stress, anxiety and unwanted memories from past storms:

Hurrican Prepardness at : http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/HAW2/english/intro.shtml

These and other articles are available from the APA Help Center . You may click the following links or locate them at:

Managing Traumatic Stress: After the Hurricanes:
http://www.apahelpcenter.org/articles/a ... php?id=107

Managing Traumatic Stress: Dealing with the Hurricanes from Afar
http://www.apahelpcenter.org/articles/a ... php?id=183

Managing Traumatic Stress: Tips for Recovering From Natural


Mind/Body Health: The Effects of Traumatic Stress
http://www.apahelpcenter.org/articles/a ... php?id=122

Resilience: After a Hurricane:
http://www.apahelpcenter.org/articles/a ... php?id=113

Tips for Hurricane Volunteers:
http://www.apahelpcenter.org/articles/a ... php?id=139

Tips for Teens: Building Resilience After The Hurricanes:
http://www.apahelpcenter.org/articles/a ... php?id=115

Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Children:
http://www.apahelpcenter.org/articles/a ... php?id=109

Finally here is a relaxation procedure you might find helpful to deal with past memories of such evens. http://www.valleypsychologicalservices. ... atrina.wma

May you be safe, well, and calm.

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