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Valley Psychological Services

Valley Psychological Services, P.C. is located next to one of it's best partners Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance. VPS had its genesis in the partnership of Dr. Joseph McCoy (licensed psychologist) with Drs. Matt Johnson and Steve Havener (family physicians) to create an environment that allowed for collaborative care for the primary care patient. This partnership was facilitated by the board of Mission Hospital in 1999 to improve the range of services provided to the Mission community. Dr. McCoy remains indebted to their generosity and the seven years they served Mission together.

Valley Psychological Services, P.C. is now a multi-practitioner practice gladly serving the Edinburg/McAllen/Mission area as well as the rest of the Valley. We are located in Edinburg/McAllen next to Doctor's Hospital at Renaissance (DHR). VPS staff serves patients who are admitted to DHR, whether it is for a pre-surgical clearance, help coping with a difficult illnesses or procedures, treatment at Renaissance Behavioral Center or helping the doctors of Renaissance treat the whole person. Within the ethical restraints of the practice of psychology, VPS provides psychological/health care for your family in collaboration with the many medical providers in the Rio Grande Valley community. Whenever you seek a physician for yourself, child or loved one, make sure they have a sound referral relationship with a psychologist so that you know they are concerned and ready to treat you as a whole person. At the same time VPS accepts referrals from other physicians, psychiatrists, and other community sources in the Rio Grande Valley and has treated patients from Laredo to Brownsville. VPS has a solid reputation of also referring you back to your primary care provider or specialist, so that when you are referred to VPS by another physician/healthcare provider, therapist you are expected to maintain your relationship with that provider.

Last Updated April 18. 2019